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PRESS RELEASE: Career Transition – Public to Private

Employee_WalkingAs 14,000 skilled public servants prepare to flood the job market in Queensland following the Queensland State Government’s budget announcement, there is growing concern among those leaving that they may be overlooked for corporate jobs because of their public sector history and lack of private sector experience.

According to TMS Consulting’s Managing Director Helen Wood, public servants are feeling daunted by the major change this is bringing even in the midst of the opportunity it presents for a lot of people.

In a recent presentation on Talent Retention to industry representatives Ms Wood noted that “There is this perception out there that public servants don’t have the skill set to transition into private business. This is simply not true”, Ms Wood said. “There are some incredibly clever and talented people working in or were working with the Queensland State Government and one should not underestimate their skills”.

Ms Wood, who made a successful leap from the public sector to private to establish her consulting and recruitment company in 2006, said that in the right circumstances public servant experience can actually put you ahead of other candidates.“The knowledge they take with them can be extremely valuable, particularly with companies that deal with government on a regular basis”, she said. “Candidates just need some preparation, some confidence and assistance in identifying opportunities with companies and industries where they can apply their skill set”.

Ms Wood went on to say that public servants who have been let go by the State Government should see the situation as an opportunity rather than a setback.

“The shift from public to private sector employment is a daunting step for many long term public servants, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to step back, refocus their career goals and explore new roles and opportunities”.

She says there are steps people can take to ensure they are well-positioned to succeed in their search for private sector employment.

“People looking to make that transition, must identify sectors and roles they will be suitable for, they need a professional CV that highlights their transferable skills. They need to understand how the private sector recruits and be innovative in their use of social media to market themselves”.

TMS Consulting currently offers a career bridging program to those seeking support in their move from public to the private sector. For more information please visit or contact 07 3003 1473.

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