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TMS Informal Team Building and Christmas Decorating [NEWS]

tms-christmasHow do you incorporate informal team building into your everyday work? At TMS, we took the opportunity to have some time out and catch up informally while decorating our Christmas tree.

Last week at the TMS office in Brisbane we all put aside our work for an afternoon of Christmas preparation and decoration. The afternoon was filled with creativity, problem-solving and laughter, and provided an opportunity for all involved to step away from their busy schedules.

At TMS, we highly value the importance of informal team building activities, such as this, as the opportunities to socialise in a relaxed environment can positively influence group cohesion and improve team performance.

TMS suggests making the most of the holiday season and the many social engagements this time of year typically affords by taking time out with one another.

Clare is currently completing a Bachelor of Business with a major in Economics and a minor in Management. She has a keen interest in organisational change and development, with a specific focus on performance management and development. Clare incorporates her analytical approach to problem-solving in order to add value to all projects and is passionate about ensuring clients’ goals are achieved and their expectations are surpassed.