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TMS in Papua New Guinea: NDoH Leadership and Organisational Development Program

TMS_in_PNGTMS has been engaged by AusAID to roll out a program within the National Department of Health, Papua New Guinea to enhance the leadership and management skills of staff and to create a new performance-focused culture.

Following a significant workshop in Port Moresby in February 2013, where the way forward in delivering on the Government’s key Health priorities was discussed, the NDoH Leadership and Organisational Development program was designed and approved. TMS has been working in PNG for approximately two years and our presence there continues to grow.
Whilst the six-month program will primarily involve executive managers through to team supervisors participating in workshops and training sessions, it is intended to benefit all NDoH staff through a strong focus on creating a performance culture based on the core values of the Department.

The program was officially launched during the August visit and short workshops were held with several management groups to explore areas including enhancing leadership and management skills and how to build on the recent achievements of NDoH to create a high performance team.

A TMS team will now be making monthly trips to Port Moresby until December to deliver activities such as workshops and training sessions focusing on specific elements of leadership and management, contemporary team development and practical work-based skills. It is intended that staff who attend these sessions will not only develop their skills and knowledge but build relationships with colleagues in a fun working environment.

The Senior Executive Management Team of the NDoH is strongly committed to this program and the Secretary said “This is an important opportunity for the Department and we must work together to get the best results we can achieve.  This program will enhance an already strong foundation for us to move forward with the National Health Plan and the government priorities.”

TMS is excited to be working in PNG and to contributing to such an important project.








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