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TMS Joins Other Alliance Progress Network Partners in Paris [NEWS]

Last week in Paris, TMS CEO Helen Wood met with other founding members of the Alliance Progress.

What is the Alliance Progress?

Alliance Progress is a professional services firm specialised in designing and running international alliance partnerships. They facilitate new and creative forms of collaboration. Alliance Progress are a networked organisation with an extensive international reach allowing consulting and professional service firms from around the world to sell and deliver projects together. Essentially this allows the network of organisations to build a set of shared service offerings which are enhanced through pooling of resources and knowledge.

What is TMS’ role in the partnership?

In 2015 TMS became the Australian representative for Alliance Progress and works with other members of Alliance Progress to create collaborative and connecting global networks. TMS is excited by the opportunities that will be presented through our membership with the Alliance Progress, specifically connecting with other firms worldwide to collaborate on new service offerings. One particular venture will include new ways of working in the digital age as workplaces move and adapt to new technologies.

The visit to Paris last week by TMS CEO, Helen Wood, to meet with other founding members was an opportunity for members to meet face to face for the first time to establish relationships that will drive a number of new initiatives.

Who are the partners?

One of the partners Helen met with was Julhiet Sterwen. Julhiet Sterwen is the leading independent transformation consulting firm, combining expertise in the fields of strategy & organisation, competency evaluation & development, consulting input in the use of new digital working methods and ways of energising teams in order to accelerate change. Julhiet Sterwen currently has a workforce of over 300 people and in 2015 achieved a turnover of 43 million euros.

Another of the partners was a major global IT and communications service provider with over 260 million customers and 40.2 billion euros in revenue. This company believes that “To be successful in today’s market, collaboration is essential. Only by working together can businesses take full advantage of every opportunity.”

TMS CEO Helen Wood said, “I am very excited to be a part of this network and look forward to collaboration opportunities and successful joint projects in the future with our like-minded partners”.

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