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We will remember them

AnzacsThis Thursday, the 25 April marks a special day for all Australians. It is the day where people around the nation stop and think about the sacrifice of the brave young men and women who have died protecting our country.

This Thursday is of course, ANZAC Day.

While the meaning has broadened in recent times to honour all men and women who have served in war, ANZAC Day originated to mark the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces (ANZACs as they were soon to be known) during the First World War.

It was on this day in 1915, more than 20,000 Anzacs landed on Gallipoli in the morning’s first light. The objective, take control of the Gallipoli peninsula and open the Dardanelles to allied navies so that they could then access and capture Constantinople the capital of German Ally, the Ottoman Empire.

After 8 months and over 8,000 Australian soldiers killed, the ANZACs were forced to retreat and the campaign was over.

While it was largely a failure in military terms, during this battle, these courageous young men would go on to create a legend that would define the character of Australians and New Zealanders around the world. They fought with spirit and courage, while mateship and humour helped them survive and thrive in the most brutal surroundings.

This Thursday, we as Australians pay tribute to their strength, their resilience, their character. We will commemorate these “knights of Gallipoli” who earned their countries respect and honour.

We will remember their sacrifice and we will acknowledge the enormous debt that we owe them.

They will never be forgotten.






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